Request: Complete set of MPU notes in text or RTF format?


Hi Everyone,

Would anyone by chance have a complete set of MPU show notes sorted by individual documents? Mind sharing?


It’s all in the RSS feed…


Yes. I know. Do you know of a way to download all show notes to individual text files from an RSS feed? I know how to get new ones using IFTT, but that only gets the new notes.

I was thinking of trying Devonthink to see if it would help me find episodes on a similar topic I’d like to revisit.


Voila: MPU Show Notes Shortcut.

It saves them as RTF and zips them, because dealing with 469 files individually on iOS would be a pain.

However, for searching the easiest thing to do would be to add the parameter to your Google search (should work with Duck Duck Go as well).


Thank Rosemary, for some reason I keep getting the message “The document “Mac Power Users 5/ Word Processing and Writing.rtf” could not be opened.” Any idea why this might be the case? When I import the unzipped folder to Devonthink the files also don’t import. Maybe the files are corrupted?