Request for Beta Testers


I am in need of some beta testers for an app I have been working on.
It is a calculator for iOS.
It is a simple calculator with a nice big area to see your recent calculations.
If anyone is interested please use the link below.
There are instructions in test flight for submitting feedback.

Best of luck. The only suggestion I’ve made in the past - to the devs of both PCalc and Digits - was to offer an adding machine mode or theme in which the ‘plus-equals’ that button was larger than the others. And that request was ignored, lol. I still miss having a big target for my most used calculator function.

It took 5+ years for the feature request I made to be added to PCalc, so don’t lose hope.


While you are in this “mode” would you still need access to the other operators like multiply or subtract?
Also what does this button do?
I am assuming it displays the total and then adds the next value to it?
Or are you just looking for a big plus button?