Request for Feedback from Notenik Developer

Hey, I would love to get some feedback from this community about my Mac app called Notenik. For those of you not yet familiar with it, let me provide a little info.


Capturing, organizing and publishing notes.


Primary Feature Set

  1. Notes are stored in plain text files on your Mac.
  2. A Note Collection is just a local folder full of text files, and you can have as many Collections as you like, stored wherever you would like.
  3. Notes can be formatted using Markdown.
  4. Notes can link to other notes within a Collection, using wiki-style double brackets notation.
  5. Notenik is a full-fledged Mac app written in Swift, using AppKit.
  6. Notes can have multiple fields (metadata, if you will).
  7. Each Collection of Notes can have a different set of fields, defined via a Note Template.
  8. The List of Notes within a Collection can be sorted in a variety of ways, using common field types (title, date, sequence number, etc.).
  9. Every Note has a Tags field, and the Notes within a Collection can always be accessed via an outline view organized by Tags; each Note can have multiple tags, and each tag can have multiple levels.
  10. Generous options for importing, exporting and sharing, including a scripting engine for sorting and filtering, and a templating engine for formatting web pages, or other textual output.


All data is stored in plain text files, so Collections of Notes can be synced using any file sync service: Dropbox, iCloud, etc.


Currently only available for the Mac (although notes are plain text files that can be edited using pretty much any text/Markdown editor).


I’ve been doing software development for most of my life. Started work on Notenik and its predecessor apps (TDF Czar, iWisdom, etc.) about 20 years ago, coding in Java. Started rewriting Notenik in Swift at beginning of 2019. Released version 1.0.0 in June of 2019. Latest version as of this writing is 5.8.1, with a new version out every 1 - 4 weeks.


  • Enjoy writing software for myself and others
  • Enjoy getting constructive feedback from users
  • No commercial motives

For Further Info

See website at (BTW, this is a static site generated using Notenik, and the source files are also available on GitHub.)


Thanks for your questions!

I would like to have an iOS app at some point, but I can’t honestly say one is currently under development.

What sort of sharing are you looking for?

There is a standard sharing button in the Toolbar, and also a Share item under the Note menu, which offers several options.

Or were you thinking more in terms of collaboration? If so, nothing planned there at the moment.

I am impressed. At first glance, it looks really good. Thanks for sharing!

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