Request: iOS (iPhone, preferably) Timer / Stopwatch App that Keeps the Screen On

I find the iPhone clock app so frustrating. There are times (no pun intended) when I want to:

  1. set a timer (countdown) and have the screen stay on
  2. set a stop-watch (count-up) and have the screen stay on

If the iPhone is plugged in or MagSafe’d, I wish the built-in Timer/Stopwatch would do this. But it does not.

There are a gazillion timer apps and presentation apps in the app store, but I don’t know if any of them are decent and would rather have a good personal recommendation vs downloading them all and testing them myself.

Does anyone have an app suggestion? Or Two? Paid is fine. I need this for my work.

If you set Auto-Lock in Settings to “Never” the timer/stopwatch should remain visible.


MultiTimer is the least-talked-about best app on my iPhone.

It has three auto-lock settings: never, iOS settings, and no active timers.

I haven’t tested this feature though. I’ll try it now and post back in a minute or so!

Hah, I ran my tests then forgot to report back.

Indeed, MultiTimer’s “Auto lock when there are no active timers” setting works as expected. If the app is open and a timer’s running, it stays awake. If no timers are going, it locks as expected. (Also, if the app’s closed but there are timers running, it will still lock, just in case that matters.)


I happened to come back to the forum (for the first time after asking this question) 1 minute after you posted this, so your timing was perfect :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll check out MultiTimer.

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I use my Apple Watch for countdown timers. Haven’t needed the stopwatch but it works fine too. Screen goes dark but flip it up to look and time remaining is shown. Use it all the time for cooking.