Resend to BCC addresses of a previous email in iPadOS? Is this possible?

I sent an email days ago with all the addresses in the BCC field. Yesterday, I wanted to resend a new email to these same addresses. In MacOS this is quite simple; select the emails from the BCC field of the previous sent email and paste them in the new email.

However, I was trying to use my iPad Pro for this purpose and it seems there is no way to do this process. Using split view for the with Mail (standard app) I did not find a way to select the BCC mails from the sent email to paste them in a new one. CC emails I found a way, but not BCC.

Perhaps the solution is using other email app but I certainly would not like to have another one on the iPad for this sole purpose. I hope I am missing something and it is possible to do this in iOS Mail. Thank you.

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