Reset iPhone screen?

hey MPU,

I am curious if there is some way to temporarily reset the home screen apps/icons to the default. I want to record my home screen. But not sure the easiest way to record the screen. Would you use ScreenFlow or just the default built-in screen recorder? But I also want to be able to revert back to my style. Thoughts?

Do you need to record the first home screen page? You could make a new page that only shows a few default apps.

I think the built-in screen recorder and video editor is quite handy for little things, but IIRC you’re making tutorials so I’m sure you’d want to use something with more features, especially if overlaying and animating text.

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To add to @cornchip, you could add the Home Screen with a few apps, then create a focus mode and choose the limited-app Home Screen. The positive side-effect of this is that you would not receive notifications for any app unless you need it for the screen recording since you can set who and what apps come through during that mode. Sorry for the different screen shot sizes…my one example is on my iPad…:slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice!
I do plan on making a tutorial, but also want to create a few ‘quick clips’.