Reset iTunes backup password

Last November I changed my password in iTunes for my Mac for my encrypted iTunes backups. I saved the password in 1Password as well as in the Notes app. I’m sure it’s correct.

Today I backed up my iPhone, turned off Find My iPhone (required for a restore) then tried to manually Restore From Backup and when I entered my password (several times) but each time was greeted with…

The ‘More Info’ sent me to a page on Apple’s site basically saying that if you don’t know your password too bad.

And since I allegedly don’t know the password I can’t change the password, or start afresh with a new backup (well, I could, but it would be inaccessible to me for a restore!).

Is there any way to remove the current encrypted backup and reset iTunes?

As a last resort, would creating a new User Acount on my Mac allow me to use a fresh iTunes instance to create an encrypted backup there?

(I have a very large iPhone Xs Max, and I’d really like to restore locally instead of taking hours longer by restoring from iCloud.)

Is it possible you are mistaking a one for letter l, or a zero for letter o?

I copy/pasted the password into both 1P and Notes, and I made sure the letters/numbers contained no confusing versions - lots of Zs and Qs and the like. Thought I’d considered all the angles: nope!

I believe you can delete an encrypted backup by following these steps…

Open iTunes > Preferences>Devices and delete Backups that have a lock symbol. Quit iTunes and restart computer. Empty the Trash. Open iTunes and connect your phone. You should be able to create another backup and iTunes will ask about encrypting it.

If this doesn’t work as explained… Yes, you can create another User account and make an encrypted backup brand new there.

Ouch. Looks like this should help:

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