Resetting Apple Music Recommendations

I’m looking to reset my Apple Music recommendations. For a while, my oldest son and I shared a login and within the past year split him onto his own. My recommendations are all messed up, and rather than keep using the “suggest less like this” feature, I just want to reset it.

Everything that I’ve found brings up the “For You” page, which no longer exists. Additionally, I can’t find anything in the Account Settings where there used to be a reset feature. I’m trying to do this on iOS/iPadOS; if I need to use a Mac for it I can, but I’d prefer an option to not do that.

Any help is appreciated!

This might do it for you:

That is pretty drastic though, considering you will lose your library.

I don’t have an answer, I don’t think there is a good one, but I will say that Apple Music has a very short memory. I got into jazz sometime last year, going from never listening to it, to listening to it most of the time. Not even rating songs so much, just listening to it. Over the course of a month all of my “For You” channels shifted mainly to jazz (which I didn’t necessarily want). It seems to weigh your latest history the highest, so I think it won’t take long to shift it to whatever you have listened to a lot in the last few weeks.

Apples recommendations aren’t particularly great if your music tastes are eclectic.