Resilio Sync as a replacement for Cloud Storage services?

I was researching here in the forum and found some posts talking about Resilio Sync. The most common use case is to sync folders between computers/NAS.

I was wondering:

  1. How feasible it is to replace a Cloud Storage service like OneDrive or Dropbox with Resilio Sync?
  2. How well does it work for sharing folders between family members?

I’m planning to install it on a Mac mini, Raspberry Pi (both always on) and an iPhone.
Also, I’d like to use for my wife as well, so add a MacBook Air and another iPhone to the mix.

From my brief tests, I see that iOS may be the weakest part of the system, because the app has to be open for the files to sync, and the just see the folders and files that are downloaded to the iPhone. Any input in this regard is greatly appreciated.

I’m fed up with Apple’s File Provider API requirements and the poor implementation of OneDrive’s updated app.
I’m leaning towards using no cloud at all for my main files, and use OneDrive, etc just for some specific sharing needs.

I’ve used it for years (7 or 8 at least) to sync among my iMac, my MacBookPro, and a Mac mini used as a server (which is always on, so basically everything syncs to it). Since you can set up as many folders as you want for syncing independently I have in the past used it to sync photo projects with friends (who use Windows). I’ve never used it to sync with iOS. The only time I’ve had a problem has been when one of the computer’s clock has gotten off and Resilio Sync refuses to synchronize. Correcting the clock and reconnecting the folder to Resilio Sync fixes the problem. I’ve never lost a file.

I don’t have it but I think if you get the paid version it is capable of syncing files without downloading them to all systems (they call it “Selective Sync”). Perhaps that is what you are looking for with iOS.

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Thank you for the input.
Yes, I saw that on their website. I’ll do more research on it, and maybe use the 14 day trial for the Pro version to see how it works.

If anyone else has experience with the “Selective Sync” or Resilio in general, I’m all ears!

I bought it a couple of years ago.
I haven’t had any problems with it.
I use selective sync, and it works well.
Files show up as filename.rsls, and if you double-click them, they will download. You can also right-click and select Sync to this device, Remove from this device, or Remove from all devices.
With selective sync, I can sync large folders from my iMac Pro to my Synology, and selectively sync to my M1 MBP, so if I, say, need some code from a folder, I can just get the file I need and not the gigs of data elsewhere in the folder.

I’ve had a lifetime license for Reselio Sync for years. Funny it’s just now becoming something i’m interested in looking at. I’m a month or so away from buying a small NAS i’ll run in RAID-5 and i’m going to test out Nextcloud and RS as options for bringing more of my document chain in-house.

I’m having a hard time justifying Box or Dropbox 120+ per year for collaboration features I rarely use.

I’m another longtime user and have no issues with the software.

However, one thing to bear in mind, is that because it’s based on BitTorrent, networks that block that may effect the operation of Resilo. For example, my university network doesn’t permit Resilo through the firewall so it doesn’t work at work.

I’ve got mine setup on a NAS and access that via Synology quickconnect, so that’s “the cloud” part for me.

I have a lifetime license too, and I use Selective Sync all the time. It’s a really great app/service.

However, the user-facing app hasn’t been updated since July 2020 (except they did release an Apple Silicon update). That makes me wary of recommending it.

That being said, I have not seen anything else that does it. I know Syncthing does not have that feature.

I guess I have to try and see if it fits my use case.

Nextcloud is in my list too. I sympathize more with Resilio’s decentralized nature though (no server). I’ll leave Nextcloud as a second option, in case Resilio don’t fit the bill.

Thank you, I didn’t know that.

That’s something to keep an eye on, thanks.

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It was originally called “BitTorrent Sync” which I think was a better name, but I suspect that they changed it because “BitTorrent” had a negative connotation to some people.

Does your university allow you to “VPN home” f.e through wireguard or an overlay network like Tailscale? That might get your sync back on track.

That’s right - I started with it when it was BitTorrent Sync before they spun it out as a separate firm.

No - all VPN’s are blocked on site. However, I get around it if I really need to by using FreeFileSync, which allows me to sync over SFTP (on Port 22) if I have to. I think that means I could tunnel traffic via SSH if I wanted to, but my Synology only has the SFTP service enabled, I’ve disabled the SSH console (and locked down the IP addresses that can connect), to try and increase the security of the NAS.

However, I very rarely need to sync to my server whilst at work - my work files are in Onedrive, Teams and Sharepoint so they all work fine.

This is what kept me from using it. That and I try to read the support forums of new software I’d like to implement. They seemed pretty upset on the Resilio message boards when I was considering using the software.