Resolution differences Displayport vs HDMI

I just got a new Mac Mini M2 and connected it to my monitor via HDMI. First thing I noticed was that everything looked slightly bigger on my monitor, compared to my previous Intel MBP. That latter was connected via a dock with a Displayport cable.

When I compared the settings on both machines I saw there was a difference in available options. On the MM the setting I’m using is 2560x1440, while on the MBP it’s 3008 x 1692. I prefer the last one.

Is this difference in available resolutions because of the HDMI connection? Or is it because of the Mac Mini M2 graphics?

  • Might be a limitation of the HDMI connector/cable?

    • (HDMI 1.3 single-layer allows up to 2560x1440?)
  • Or a limitation of your monitor?

    • (My Dell monitor can do 2560x1440 over DisplayPort, but only 1920x1080 over HDMI)
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Thanks. It might be the cable. I found out that even though it’s labeled “high speed” that doesn’t mean it’s 4k ready. I ordered a new HDMI 2.1 cable and we’ll see if that fixes the problem. Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately it wasn’t because of the cable. It seems that the available resolutions via HDMI are more limited. At least more limited compared to the resolutions that I have available via DisplayPort on my MBP.

Guess that I have to spend some more money on a USB-C to displayport cable/adapter and sacrifice one of the 2 USB-C ports on the Mini. Or buy a new monitor with USB-C support.

The 2560 x 1440 resoution is just not acceptable to me.

I knew it never stops with just buying a new computer. :frowning:


Using a usb-c to displayport cable did the trick. Glad to have the 3008 x 1692 resolution back.