Resources for AppleScript?

Maybe someone knows about great reference resources for AppleScript with practical examples, more specific how manipulate VoiceOver via AppleScript?
I can find a lot of examples for AppleScript and macOS in general, but nothing for VO. VoiceOver has dictionary in script editor, but I newbie when it comes to write AppleScripts from scratch.

Have you checked the MacScripter forum?

Also Apple’s Mac Automation Scripting resources.

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Here we go! ThankS! Couldn’t find search field on macscripter, so searched for “VoiceOver macscripter” on google instead, and found one script which will announce how many events I have for today in my calendar.

macOS actually comes with similar script which will instead announce amount unread messages in mail. Hm, wonder now if it would be possible to do same in NetNewsWire and OmniFocus

MacScripter requires a login (free) to search the forum.