Resources for Learning to Work with Track Changes?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good resources to become a “power user” when using track changes in Microsoft Word? I’m basically looking for the MacSparky Field Guide equivalent to using track changes. :slight_smile:

I am an attorney, and typically work with specialized “redlining” software. In essence, you point it at two documents, it runs a comparison, and then spits out a PDF showing all of the changes (red strike through for deletions, blue underline for additions, etc.). It’s worked like a charm for me for years, but (a) it’s pretty specialized, and (b) more and more people are moving towards using track changes.

The problem that I have with track changes (and maybe I’m doing it wrong) is that changes from multiple rounds of back and forth editing a document between two people seem to get jumbled. I can never seem to keep track of who is editing which version of what language etc…

Anyway, if you’ve ever seen or read any good MacSpark-like tutorials on becoming a track changes ninja, I’d appreciate it!


There are free trials and you may be able to access for free through your local library.

YouTube knows a lot about this, perhaps?

Anyway, in the settings in the Review panel (which is where the feature you’re using resides) there is a submenu where you can select which reviewer’s changes you want to see and which to turn off. Also, limit the view to just text and/or comment changes. I prefer not to see formatting changes until late in the review process.

Thank you! I’ll take a look at Lynda.

Ah, YouTube. Duh! I’ll check it out. Thanks.