Resources or Tutorials for the iPhone Camera?

Does anyone know of any comprehensive resources on how to use the iPhone camera? Not the Photos app (David’s field guide is great for that), but rather resources on how to use the Camera app on the iPhone. Something like a book, online course, tutorial, field guide, etc.

Even though I have a lot of sophisticated Canon camera gear, I am not as proficient as I would like when it comes to the iPhone (my always carry camera), and the recent Episode of MPU with Austin Mann got be excited to learn how to do better iPhone photography.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

If you liked Austin, he’s got an iPhone photography course:

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Thanks Chris, I’ll give it a look. Wondering if his course is using the most up to date gear, e.g., iPhone 12 family?

Hi Todd,

Please note that I’m technically biased since I was involved in its creation, but The Sweet Setup’s Photos course has several videos that are intended to teach you how to get better photos using your iPhone:

You’ll also get a lot of material that covers how to think about editing your shots and managing them, so I just wanted to add it to your list of resources to consider in case it’s helpful!

Similarly, there’s iPhone Photography School—I have no personal experience or involvement with this one, but have heard positive feedback:

Hope that helps! I’d love to hear what courses/books/articles/videos/etc. you end up finding most helpful on your journey. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marius, I will look at these resources!

My problem isn’t the camera app or how to take a good picture. I have been struggling on the editing side of things. There is a ton of YouTube stuff out there, but I still don’t get it. Plus a lot of that stuff is for Lightroom, and I think that is overkill for my needs. Any ideas for help in this area?

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