Restore a minimized window from Dock - how to

It has always annoyed me that when I minimise a window (using command m) I couldn’t un-minimise it using my keyboard. I’d either have to click on the dock or open the app then go to the window menu).

Well … it turns out there is a way, and I found it here.

Restore a minimized window from Dock

One thing that always bothered me about MacOS was that I had to click the dock icon to restore a minimized window. It wasn’t until today that I learned the keyboard shortcut. Apologies for those that already knew but maybe this helps someone from this minor annoying inconvenience.

To re-open the minimized window, go to the window that you want to “maximize” by windows navigation keyboard shortcut command + tab. Release only tab button.

Keep pressing command button and press option button. Now pressing option button release command button, the window will be maximized*.

*Maximize in the Windows-sense…not the “fill your screen” sense

I hope I’m not the only person to have not known this.


At some point I realized that minimizing with CMD+M (or the yellow Minimize button) was a holdover from decades of MS Windows use. After forcing myself to learn to use CMD+H, I was much happier on my Mac.


Good tip, but I’m not going to use it.

At my age program windows close and open almost automatically. And if try to re-train my muscles to use some other method I might end up forgetting how to type. :grinning: