Restore deleted song (imported from CD?)

Years ago, I imported some CDs into iTunes with iTunes Match p, which eventually became Apple Music.

Tonight, I accidentally deleted one of those songs from an album I had imported from a CD.

Does anyone know how to restore a deleted song that was imported from a CD?

If I click on “View full album” now, then it takes me to the same album on Apple Music, which has a different cover and if I add the missing song, it adds this new album with that single song.

Anyone have a better way?

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Have you already took a look into your Trash? Often the deleted files are there.
If not, You could restore it, if you have a Backup like TimeMachine, or Backblaze, or something similar.
Normally you just have to go to the Backup, look for the place where iTunes stores the files, and copy the deleted file back into original place, or drag it into iTunes.


Thanks. I do have Time Machine, but the particular file was not downloaded on my Mac unfortunately. So I don’t think it will help me in this case right?