Restore from a previous Time Machine backup

I need to restore an iMac that was messed up after it has been restored from Time Machine. And it has been backing for a week. I want to restore from the backup that was made before the previous restore.
Unfortunately, when you restore a Back from a Time Machine backup there is no option to select a point in history to restore from.

Would it be safe to go into the Time Machine backup and delete the recent backups?

Which restore method did you try, Migration Assistant or Recovery Mode?

Restored the iMac by repartitioning it and install Mojave (they had accidentally installed Catalina).
Installed Mojave from my install USB and started the migration assistant. Its about to finish but I expect the find the same trouble there was before I wiped the machine clean.

Asking this out of curiosity and anticipation that I do need to recover a machine before the mess up happened (there is more going on than just Catalina install…)

I was looking at this support article.

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Thanks for sharing the KB article of something I should have known with my eyes closed. So often we travel our well known paths while other options are right before us…

I have been able to restore the machine before major mess up by an other tech. Now I can go in and do a proper tune-up and get this iMac working the way it should while preserving the clients workflow and habits (most of them :wink:


Hey man, no problem, that’s what we’re all here for, right, to help each other?