Rethinking my 11" iPad Pro homescreen

After some consideration and almost a year of using the iPad Pro, I’ve made a couple substantial changes to my iPad homescreen. What do you all think of the evolution?




Very clean. Definitely minimalist. How is the functionality for you?

I’ve only had it like this for about 12 hours, but so far, I really like it. The two folders in the dock are Play and Work, and I’m like having the ability to multi-task with so many more apps.

Much like my minimalist approach. I also have the doc autohide.

Interesting experiment.

  • Like the clean look
  • Can see the multitasking benefits of having more apps in folders in the dock
  • Love the trees :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


  • Think I’d really miss the productivity benefits of having quick access to widgets on the home screen
  • For apps that don’t support multitasking (e.g. YouTube) or never get used that way, I think I’d miss one tap access

I agree. For some apps there may be one extra tap. So I guess the tradeoff is form vs function.

I have it set so that the widgets come up with a swipe from the left, but they aren’t pinned to the homescreen. I can see missing one tap access, but this is sort of a beta setup at the moment (I’ve already moved 1Password into the dock since I originally posted this).

I’m trying something of a hybrid approach. Lots of space, apps in the Dock and the rest in a few folders on the top. I do have the widgets showing, but the shortcuts one only has 1 color in it. (menu / selection shortcuts in green)


Nice look. I see there are two dots, so do you have a second screen? @mmiller294 has 3 dots, so multiple screens? Do you know if you can replace the look of folders to an icon?

The two dots were from an app I’d just installed and not yet sent to its corresponding folder.

It really irritates me that with all the screen real estate in the world new apps STILL get installed one screen on…

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I’ve condensed it to two dots since I posted this. I originally had a bunch of Shortcuts and utilities apps scattered across the last two pages, but now it’s down to a folder for utilities and another for native apps that I don’t use but want to have available.

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