Reusing a dead iMac- Picture frame

Just wanted to share my husband’s and my project! Found a dead iMac for sale and decided to turn it into a picture frame. Took the glass off, taped some pictures inside, and put it back on over top of them.

Does anyone else try to upcycle their dead electronics?


Love this! I’ve only yet upcycled old iPhones into paperweights…

This is a Mac-O-Lantern I made many years ago… it only shows up at work on October 31st!

Macintosh Classic that I completely disassembled and spray painted with Krylon Orange. It only boots to the Sad Mac icon which seems rather appropriate.


I love the Mac-O-Lantern @MacGuyMI!

@Brianna_Ferris - interesting idea, and a good use. I would love to make an artwork (e.g. multiple layers of laser cut acrylic or wood) and backlight it - you could make a pretty cool scene!

On a similar topic of photo frames: I’ve got a fully functional iPad first generation* that I would like to turn into a picture frame. However, the original one only runs iOS 5.1.1, so it won’t work with iCloud Photo Library.

I’ve pondered about manually exporting some photos to Dropbox, then using a viewer app (Dropbox or another) on the iPad, but not got further than this. My suspicion is that all the apps now require newer versions of iOS for core libraries. Setting up a web page with some Javascript transitions for the photos could work, I suppose…

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has managed to do something like this, and how they tackled it.

  • My parents have a sparee second generation, which would have a similar problem.