Revamp up Apple Maps iOS 12?

This story appeared in my Apple news feed. This is the first I’ve heard of a major update to Apple Maps in iOS 12. Has anyone else seen this in the public beta?

Not yet. I’m pretty sure the 9to5Mac version of the article said it was coming in the next beta and in very few places.

Here is the original TechCrunch article.

It will be in the beta next week, but only the Bay Area. I don’t hold my breath that I will see any of that in Germany in the next 5 years.

Well I suppose the good news is they are working on it.

The really good news is that competitors already provide brilliant maps apps.

I’ll take a lot of convincing to move to Apple Maps given their poor start - the only benefit (which is significant) I can see is the Watch integration.

I’m seeing this in the latest beta for iOS 12 now. It’s live for Northern California, particularly San Francisco and Silicon Valley. From a far it looks pretty, much more green, rivers seem more complete, but comparing to Maps on iOS 12 the fine detail shopping, restaurants, malls, etc. didn’t seem too different as I browsed near the Apple campus.

I’m all for this, they eluded to it in the article, but I’m curious how quickly this will speed up things like getting 3D to more places and better satellite and god forbid street view. I ditched google maps long ago and I’ve hardly missed it, but moving from Denver to a smaller city has made me see where Maps falls down a bit.

Good podcast episode from Gruber on this topic with the TechCrunch reporter


This episode of DF is great in explaining what’s going on with Apple Maps. :+1: