Reviews of others

I have a suggestion for; Reviews. How can I trust David’s courses are any good? (Please excuse the sarcasm, this never translates well over the Internet) I need to read reviews of others who have gone though and found value. Or if I’m missing the reviews please show me where they are.


Siri shortcuts is the one i was kinda insterested in. But how much value can I get from it.

A strong point of the field guides, is that the Table of Content is completely transparent and available (see e.g. ). In addition the Siri Short-cut Field Guide has 7 freely available preview videos (which are sections picked throughout the course). This allows you to check whether the level of content offered, is matching what you are looking for.

Hence validate the reviews of others you read with your own opinion on the previews.

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You’ve also got a few options to demo it! If you want the siri shortcuts one, go to the page and you’ll see that a bunch of sections are available for preview. If they seem like a good fit, then you can buy it.

Also, while not nearly as useful as the siri one, you can always try the (free) Workflows course since it’ll be like a more limited version.

My review: every one I’ve purchased has been well worth the money (photos, OF, Shortcuts). Some (e.g. Drafts) are free, but would have been worth the money if I did have to pay. I even wrapped a gift using the MacSparky field guide! (although the rest I just put in bags like a neanderthal because I’m lazy). The cost is low enough that even if it isn’t that great, it isn’t a huge loss like lots of online courses (~$200).

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