Revised ISO - Need Email Client for Threads

I need an email client that does a good job organizing email threads.

I have a specific need in an attempt to gain control of numerous and unwieldy email threads that contain numerous child tangents.

thanks much!

I don’t think there is any email client that does nested email threads (ie outline style), at least, not intelligently. It’d be useful, though. I may not be understanding what you’re looking for, too.

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Might want to check out MailMate


I recall…. there being a plugin for Thunderbird which may be what you are looking for… Sorry, cannot recall the name of the plugin.

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Echoing this: The first thing I thought of was the ThreadViz plugin, but I haven’t used Thunderbird in years and do not have any information about whether that extension is still useful.

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thanks guys. I’ll check it out. this is a one-time need, so to speak. not looking for an email client per se.

much appreciated…sv~