Right-click to Open in Safari?

On macOS, I use Chrome as my default browser (long story) but sometimes I’d like to open a link in Safari.

Is there an easy way to add that option. Perhaps a right-click with a context menu option to ‘Open Link in Safari’

Any advice appreciated.

This might be helpful.
I recall there are others too.

I use Bumpr which is like Browserosaurus. It also comes with a chrome extension for choosing a different browser to open the current tab in.

Edit: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bumpr-extension-for-chrom/njkekafaidebinelgdobnpbijknfnlef

I have tried both of the above but my facourite remains Choosy. It’s a great app.

If you want a right-click solution you might want to try making an Automator “service”.

Thanks for the links and advice. Much appreciated.

I have used Keyboard Maestro to create a macro for this. I have two versions which allow me to open a Safari tab in Chrome and vice versa. Have linked them to Stream Deck buttons and so far have found that I am using them a lot.

Can post the macro if anyone wants it.

@timlawson , I don’t have a Stream Deck but I do use KM and I’d like to see the macros. Thanks.

@KirkS see below. Really simple macros but it is amazing how useful these are. I have a couple of others which just the grab the URL from the browser and put it in the clipboard - again very useful.

Send Safari page to Chrome

Send Chrome page to Safari

The ‘play sound’ is not really needed but I often add this to the end of my macros to make sure they are running ok! :rofl:

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