Roam Desktop App

Newsbreak: Roam Research introduced its desktop app “for everyone”.

It’s available NOW for everyone on macOS, Windows, and Linux. We’ve got a lot of great desktop-specific features in the pipeline but until then, enjoy better performance and more seamless automatic backups.

In other news, the sun rose today in Cupertino CA at 05:47 PDT.


And the purpose of your posting this information then is?


The desktop app is pretty nice. Loads much faster. But this news was announced right after I migrated my database to Logseq, who were a little quicker in putting out their own desktop app. One advantage of Logseq is that it saves data as Markdown files (no export needed) so you can access them with other apps, like Obsidian. (And if you have the Obsidian (closed beta) mobile app you can access all your files on your phone! (Also Logseq is free and open source.)


If the purpose was to make me smile, it worked.