Rocketbooks - a welcome addition to my pocket notebook addiction

I’m not sure if this counts as “hardware” or not, but I let my annual subscription to Field Notes lapse earlier this year (I’ve been getting them since Winter 2012). I have literal CASES of used notebooks - and some mint-condition “collector” notebooks - that I lugged from one part of the country to another during a recent move. Leafing through all those little books is great nostalgia from time to time, but seeing the boxes of used notebooks got me wondering if there was a better way to take notes and reduce the amount of eventual waste that I was creating.

For the last couple months, I’ve been trying out Rocketbooks. Touted as a “smart notebook”, these are reusable notebooks that have a surprising feature: using water and a cloth, you can wipe away your notes after you digitize them, making the notebook infinitely reusable! Each page features a QR code at the bottom that, in conjunction with their app, allows you to quickly scan and send your handwritten notes to any cloud or email-based service you choose. It’s been a great way for me to stay on top of tasks and no disruption in my normal workflow: I take a picture of my notes at the end of the day and email them to my OmniFocus upload address and process them like I normally would with my physical notebooks.

I’m not associated with these guys in any way, I just really have enjoyed using these recently and though it would be fun to share with everyone. :+1:t2: They have pdf templates online that you can print out and try with their free app to get a sense of how it all works. After toying around with that for a bit, I ended up getting a couple of the physical notebooks and am really enjoying using them (for now anyway, I’m sure I’ll go back to Field Notes at one point, lol).


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Yes, I saw that earlier but didn’t know if anyone was still following that thread or not, so I wanted to give a visibility boost to the topic by adding it here.

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