Ron's Home Office (Mexico)


Main desk with IMac and IPad Pro and standing desk with MacBook Pro and (yes) a Surface Pro.


I love the lighting and the windows!

Lovely. You’ve got wonderfully high ceilings and windows.

Parece muy comoda y me encanta el color de las paredes. Todo es perfecto menos el surface pad :slight_smile:


I’ve never yet met anyone who doesn’t like their Surface Pro. :slight_smile:

I love the window strip behind the printer - it must be nice to have so much indirect natural light.

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@ronfel how do you divide your time / work / play among the four devices pictured? I assume they are not the only ones.

Indeed. I also have the IPhone X.

The iPad is usually upstairs with me in the kitchen and bedroom. Not a real work tool unless I am traveling. In the home office I sit at the IMac and stand at the MacBook. I try not to be seated too long.

I no longer take the MacBook on leisure trips so it pretty much stays in the office unless I need it for a presentation. I just got the Surface on sale in the US a few weeks ago and I’m deciding if it will be my travel companion as I still get frustrated trying to do stuff only on the iPad. It’s been a long time since I’ve used Windows (XP) so I am getting used to 10. MacOS is still much better.

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@meredith I bought a Surface Pro and returned it in under 24 hours. I happily returned to my iPad Pro.

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I stand corrected! :slight_smile:

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I’m more interested in that the office is in Mexico. Did you retire in Mexico? is that where you grew up? Or are you traveling back and forth (something I’ve toyed with)?

@omarruvalcaba retired (sort of) here but travel frequently back and forth.

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Gorgeous office! Good job! Great lighting.

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