Roost stand but for iPad?

I am a big fan of raising the height of a laptop and typing with a separate keyboard using the roost stand. However, when I use an iPad I haven’t found a convenient way to achieve this, even though technically it should be easier since there isn’t an attached keyboard to move out of the way. I have improvised with stacks of books, but a small collapsible stand would be much better. Has anyone found one or achieved something similar?

Federico discusses his various set-ups here: and one of those uses the Viozon stand: Not sure if that sits as high as you would like but it is raised up a bit. Another option might be something like this: Depending on your desk size and how high you would like the iPad, this would get you up a bit higher. It’s design for use on a bed/couch as a mini desk over your legs but could be used in other configurations.


Yeah that viozon stand looks nice, but isn’t really as portable as the roost. I should have been more clear I’m looking for something portable, hopefully as collapsible as the roost.

I found this while looking for something similar to the Roost. Since the Roost’s front holders rotate, you could conceivably prop the iPad angle up to 90° or so, and have something on the center/top/back of the iPad connecting with the back arms of the Roost that typically support the back/bottom of a laptop. It’d take a bit of custom work to create something lightweight and stable, but I could see it being done with telescoping tubing and some kind of mating point adhered to the iPad.

Then there’s the issue of the iPad being 4–6 inches lower than a laptop screen, but it is what it is…