Rosemary's iOS 13 wishes

I was just reading @RosemaryOrchard ‘s blogpost and I DO wish Craig reads it too. Especially when it comes to Two versions of the same app!!! (please, please, please!!)

Also Rose just made my day…”things more Siriable”. Seriously? :heart_eyes:


+1 on the two versions of the same app. I often use split screen to view two pdf files simultaneously—for example in a board meeting keeping the agenda and the support documents open at the same time.

Currently I need to use two apps—preview and PDFpen Pro. It would be nice to be able to open two PDFs in preview and use them in split screen mode.

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I think the correct terminology would be having two instances of the same app, and I think they would have to be loaded twice in separate memory spaces, which is probably why it’s delayed.

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Rosemay please add automatic spell check language switching!
Should be very easy for Apple to know that when I write an email or text to a person with whom I always use a certain language to auto switch the keyboard and spell check…

I find this happens for me, and autocorrect switches too. I do have all the keyboards for these languages added - but don’t switch to them.

And then you have 2 apps potentially updating one another’s settings; it doesn’t seem like an easy problem to solve elegantly to me. It’s by no means impossible, but I don’t think it’s obvious what the best future-proof method is on this platform.

I’m all for empowering the iPad, but my wife wants it simple (though her use of Procreate, Designer and Notion means she use far more of the iPad’s power than I do.)

Take drag-and-drop as an example. I like it and use it and most people seem to agree it took too long coming, but I don’t actually like the implementation much; my wife hates it because she doesn’t really do drag-and-drop, she prefers copy-and-paste but now the technique to do that involves long pressing for an age whilst you do not move your finger on a slippery glass screen more than a pixel or two lest drag begins. (That’s her ranting, not me :sweat_smile: )

Me to but it doesn’t work for me. Whenever I want to reply I am half the time in the wrong language. Somehow Apple can’t connect a language to a profile in my contacts.

I can’t soeak for the implementation of this multi-instance feature, but would it really be much different than opening two documents in Pages or Preview? Maybe it’s as easy as long pressing a document to open and selecting “open in split view” from the contextual menu…

Why is that a given that it would it have to be two instances in separate memory spaces, rather than multiple windows spawned from the same single instance? I realize that @RosemaryOrchard used that term herself but query whether she meant the technical concept of multiple, actual, distinct instances or the colloquial usage? If the only solution is separate instances, I agree this is an intractable problem. But I disagree with the premise that it has to be done that way.

Whatever you call it, I’d like to be able to have split view across the app itself, like Safari can do; slide over with the same app, like @RosemaryOrchard has on her list; and split view with other apps (as we can currently do with split view) and where we can have the same app paired with multiple different apps persistent in the iPad’s spaces (e.g., e-mail “split viewed” with OmniFocus and e-mail “split viewed” with Drafts). That would be rather efficient for my workflow.

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I am not an IOS developer, but yes - as far as I understand it you would have to launch two instances, that is you would have to launch the app, and then launch the app again.
That can obviously be changed in iOS 13, in which case I think there would have to be some API changes, and possibly an opt-in function where you simply say “this is where you tell me which of the two instances you’re talking to” which also tags the app as “dual-instance ready”.

Or at least that’s what 07:08 AM me thinks without coffee…

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I would like Messages to enable a “mark as unread” option.

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I would like Maps to be a halfway functional app that actually works with Siri.

“Take me from 30 to Mitchell Road” works, though the first time it thought I said “32 Mitchell Road,” which is fair.

I wanted to go to 32 Mitchell Road and every time I said the above it said “30 to” instead

try “number 32” small pause “Mitchell Road”.

Now that we’re past Apple hardware and services announcements, time to look forward to WWDC! One of my biggest iOS13 wishes is one I’ve had since almost the beginning: quickly resume previously playing media.

When you’re listening to podcasts/music/video/audiobooks/whatever and then play most other media from a different app, iOS stops the currently playing audio and then plays whatever shiny thing I’ve stumbled on. Once the new media is finished you get…silence. To resume your previous media, you have to go find whatever app/browser tab/etc. where you started it from and restart.

It would be so nice if there was a separate "clipboard’ for audio sources that could be accessed from a consistent OS location (probably the player in Control Center) to resume the previous source. Access to the last few sources would be even better but I don’t want to be greedy!

Some apps (e.g. Snapchat) are coded so that they pause the currently playing media and then resume whatever was playing after their media is finished but that’s definitely not the norm for most apps, including Apple’s (e.g. Safari).

In case you have not seen this yet, there appears to be some promising features that many of us have dreamed of baked into iOS 13:

I’ll let you read the article, but here is the teaser:

  • Multitasking w/ multiple windows
  • Improvements to Apple Mail
  • Improved undo/redo gestures
  • Improved volume control display

It read to me that was that this information is NOT a rumor, but an actual report of fact as to expected features. According to the article: “people familiar with the development of the operating system have shared exclusive details with 9to5Mac.”

Just read the article, and though there are some some nice features described, I wasn’t overall thrilled. Hope there’s a lot more in June during WWDC.

I’m also quite curious to see the implementation o this future on an iPhone. Will it be added to older models?

PS - I avoid reading too many rumours before WWDC as one of the things I like the most is the “surprise” when watching the conference at home. Rumours are great for devs but spoilers for many of us. Am I alone here? :smiley:

Rumours for hardware can be exciting by themselves I find, but I’ve lost interest in rumours for software as they don’t really tell enough of what’s going to happen, and there’s no benefit to me in thinking ahead about whether I’m going to upgrade (I will).

As a hobbyist developer, I don’t gain anything really from the rumours for that side of things either. OK, so knowing a bit about the direction Apple might be taking does allow for a bit of forward thinking, but unless it’s something the size of marzipan, I’d rather wait till I see what it is exactly, then spend a few days thinking really constructively rather than potentially wasting effort in advance.