Rosetta 2 Heads-up

After a very slow/frustrating round of troubleshooting via Zoom, the very patient dev for Pagico determined that the reason it wasn’t running on my M1 MB Air w/ Monterey is because although the front-end is fully M1 compliant, the back-end still uses a piece of Intel code. But back-end code won’t prompt the user to install Rosetta. So once I ran softwareupdate --install-rosetta (which took maybe five seconds) everything worked as expected.

This also fixed the problem w/ Zoom app, which previously was popping up a window where it stated that Notion app required Rosetta. Why one app would ever present as another is beyond me. But it works fine now that Rosetta is in place.

So even if you don’t think you’ll need it, maybe go ahead and manually install it. Just in case.


Good to know!
Seems like it would just be included to reduce support calls (and heartache for users).