Route audio shortcut

As I listen to podcasts in the car, occasionally (and for a variety of reasons) my audio routes from the dock connector to my blue-tooth headphones. It made me wonder: has anyone come up with a Siri shortcut for telling their iPhone to route their audio from one output to another? How about anyone with script writing skills? Maybe too advanced for the shortcuts app, but I thought I would throw this out there.

So, you use the USB charging cable to also transfer audio to your car? I do the same, and this data connection is staying active for me. When I power down the car, the signal is routed to my BT headset (if I have it active). In IOS 12, I have experienced some issues with needing to unlock the phone to activate the Lightning port for data transfer - a security feature, I believe. Strange, but then again, audio routing in iOS has always worked in mysterious ways…

Correct - I transfer audio to the car via the lightning/usb cable. The car stays running but periodically switches. Presumably, this must be because of a bump in the road and an iffy connection… All those things being caveated, I just wondering if a Siri shortcut is possible. Most of my shortcut considerations have to do with, “what can I do to make certain features accessible when I need to remain hands free?”

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