Routers-To work with Eero

I currently have a Surfboard Modem that I own. Connected to an old Airpot Extreme ( I only use it to distribute IP addresses) and an Eero System. The AE is also connected to a rack mounted 16 port Ethernet switch and patch panel.

We are experiencing frequent slowed Ethernet traffic and WiFi is slowing. I think it is just the AE getting old(9 years).

So, I would like to replace the router. Looking for recommendations. I will most likely just turn off the new routers WiFi function.

Currently using:
5 Eero bases with about 23 devices connected
Synology DS216 +
HomeRunHD Quattro
TP Link 16 port Ethernet Switch (10 in use)
24 port patch panel (10 in use)

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Any particular reason you don’t want to use the router functionality built into the Eero?

I just use my Eero as the router. Necessary is my case since I signed up for Eero Plus. While it doesn’t provide the granular controls some other router do, it is fine for my needs. One port on the Eero connects to the modem and the other connects to a 16 port switch. That feeds the other Eeros.


I agree the Eero can serve as a great router if it makes sense for your home environment. If you need to have a separate router and have some technical chops, I recommend the Ubiquti EdgeRouter X. It’s inexpensive, high quality, and can net you up to 500Mbps on your WAN connection with a brief firmware tweak.

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For some reason I didn’t realize I could use it that way. So, it will distribute IP’s like a “traditional” router to the larger switch/patch panel.

Yep. Not a ton of bells and whistles compared to some geekier routers like the Synology models, but a solid basic router.

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I was using the Eero system in bridged mode with an AE as the router (wifi disabled on the AE) for a while but then wanted to switch over to Eero Plus so I could aggregate the subscriptions of 1PW,, and MalwareBytes (all three plus Eero plus cost about what 1PW and were costing me).

I have the base Eero hanging off the Xfinity all-in-one gateway (set in Bridge mode) and then an 8-port switch connected to it. The other Eero units are mostly using Ethernet back-haul and there are other switches at key location needing more hardwired connections than the one extra available on a wired Eero.

You want to use a modem with the Eero behind it.
If you need more ethernet ports you can add a network swtich to the outgoing LAN port of the Eero.

In case you cant or don’t want to install a decicated modem you can set your current moden/router combo into “Bridge Mode” and plug nothing else into it then the Eero.

But if it was me I would install a modem and use the Eero as the router so you can fully utilize its capabilities.

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Definitely pull the AE out of your lineup. I can’t think of a reason to have it between the modem and eero. My setup:

Surfboard ethernet to eero

16 port switch ethernet to eero

all ethernet cables / devices plugged into the switch


SpivR - I have a couple of questions. What is the basic configuration of the hardware? See below for my thoughts. Which hardware is providing what functionality?

Cable modem(telephony gateway) - RT2600AC - EERO (providing wifi??) - switch.

I currently am just using the Cable modem/telephony gateway to provide network and wifi. Its a ARRIS 1672G. I would like to be able to do more with network setup. I’m planning on adding a NAS at some point and the ARRIS won’t provide 802.11ac. Your thoughts are appreciated.

I’ve removed the AE and hooked up the Eero after the modem. The network and WiFi seem better.

Thanks. I don’t think I will need the mesh capability yet. I can always expand into it if I need to. I noticed that Synology announced the MR2200AC - it appears to be their mesh capable router. Synology MR2200AC mesh router (I’m not affiliated with I’ve found their videos on Youtube informative.)

Just to be sure, I should hang my ethernet switch directly off the Synology router.


For simplicity sake I recommend to connect the switch on the lan port of the Eero. Then connect the NAS and othet hardwired network devices to the switch.

SpivR, I need a picture :slight_smile: I have attached a graphic file I what I’m thinking about doing. Put the Arris in bridge mode. The synology providing the IP addresses and other routing functionality. The switch to connect the computers on the network and I’m hoping to include a NAS off the switch also. Is your reply suggesting that I reverse the switch with the router? So the path is ARRIS-switch-router?


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Yes this is correct.
Personally I would connect the NAS directly to one of the remaining ports on the RT2600AC

MacExpert, that is what I was thinking about doing. I just put together a simple network diagram quickly. I haven’t purchased the RT2600AC yet and didn’t know how many ports were available on it. I was thinking 4 if I remember correctly. Thanks for the suggestion.

PM Conaway :slight_smile:

The Synology has 4 ports .


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When the router goes down the switch won’t know what to do.
Having the NAS directly on one of the Router ports keeps it available no matter what on the switch happens.

@SpivR, so just move the NAS to the switch based on the image above? The ARRIS will be in bridge mode so if my understanding is correct the switch won’t work if it connected directly to bridged cabled modem. Is my thinking correct?

SpivR, thanks. In looking at the documentation for the cable modem it looks like I will have to connect the router to the first ethernet port on the Cable Modem. There isn’t a specified WAN port on the ARRIS. That’s going to the WAN port on the Synology router. I’m then planning on connecting the ethernet switch to a LAN port on the Synology and any other wired devices to the switch. Do you have any particular brands that you prefer?