RSS and annotating

I am a big RSS enthusiast and use Reeder every day. My only problem is that it doesn’t support highlighting which is a pity. I’d love to highlight interesting parts for later note-taking. At the moment I have to print the article as pdf and then export it to my pdf reader of choice to annotate. Not a nice workflow at all… Do you have any app in mind that solves this? Thanks.

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Feedly provides highlighting, built-in read-it-later, and can backup to HTML or PDF. The backups include the highlights.

DEVONthink’s Mac app can provide RSS feeds, and from there you can do basically anything you imagine to the resulting files. (This is what I use.)

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Perfect… I already use Feedly as my underlying mechanism so I guess I just try to use it directly. Thank you!

Glad to help!

I found Feedly’s backup-to-PDF feature its biggest value-add. It was really neat to be able to read and highlight in-place without jumping through the hoops required by other RSS and read-it-later workflows—and then Feedly would just drop the finished PDF into a Dropbox folder and I could do more with it from there.

One drawback of the PDF backup was that the highlights weren’t “true” PDF annotations. That is, you couldn’t pick up on them as an annotation layer. Not sure if they fixed that, as my workflow changed and I moved to DEVONthink to deal with this.


I already use Feedly as the backend RSS feed manager for Reeder but much prefer using Reeder instead of Feedly for reading. I wish Reeder would support Feedly annotations as that would be the best solution.

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