RSS back end services - Recommendations

I’ve been a user of FeedWrangler since _davidsmith released it, but the Search feature hasn’t worked correctly for over a year, and no-one is answering emails to the support email address, or my queries via Twitter.

I use Fiery Feeds as my Client (Which I love), but need to switch the back end from FeedWrangler.

Key requirements are the ability to add feeds to folders, and to add permanent searches which show up in Fiery Feeds, where the feeds can be updated over time.

Inoreader is so close, but you can’t update the searches.

Does anyone have recommendations of Back End Server based services which allow Searches to be saved and accessed via Clients please?

1 Like I believe does what you’re describing. I’m planning to switch to it once my Inoreader subscription ends. The killer feature for me is the to option send email newsletters to an rss reader as well.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I have been considering trying this solution to get email in my feed. Should work with any reader.

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I use this service. It’s incredible that it’s free. But, it’s also a pain to manage if you’re using it a lot. I have to maintain a text file with a list of newsletters, the generated email address for that newsletter, and the rss link.

Another vote for Feedbin. I’ve been using it since the whole RSS upheaval a few years ago and I’ve been very happy with it ever since, it’s been very reliable.


My vote goes to NewsBlur.

Email to RSS works in inoreader. I use it often.

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What do you mean by not being able to update inoreader searches?

How? I’m pretty sure I looked for a way to do that but couldn’t find any.

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Inoreader’s Mail2Tag feature.

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Once you’ve created a search, there’s no way to update the search term.

I emailed the developer and they agreed that it wasn’t possible.

I like to create complex SQL queries to highlight the stories I want first, but if I can’t update them later it’s a pain to start from Scratch again.

Ah. Makes sense. I’d be curious to learn how you’re using search in RSS. Possibly I’m taking insufficient advantage.

E.g. “Star Wars” OR “Starwars” OR “Death Star” OR “Darth Vader” OR “Skywalker” OR “Han Solo” OR “Leia” OR “Chewbacca”


(“Manchester United” OR “Old Trafford”) AND “Football”

This allows me to read most of the Posts I will almost definitely want to first before skimming the rest for anything interesting.

Makes sense. I expect I don’t do enough of that.

One thing I like about Inoreader is it can send me desktop and mobile alerts. I have one set up to inform me whenever a Mac Power Users episode goes live, because Castro, my podcast listening app, doesn’t permit notification settings on individual podcasts – all or nothing.


This has given me helpful ideas - search feeds by priority folders. Feedbin seems to have more powerful search than inoreader. I’m going to play with that some

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I think inoreader rules and tags provides everything a person could look for in saved, modifiable searches.

HI Mitch,

Inoreader doesn’t allow you to amend searches. I reached out to the Support there and they confirmed.

Right, but rules and tags are powerful.

You can set up a rule to tag all articles containing “dogs” or “cats” with “critters.” Later on you can add a new rule to also add that tag to articles containing the word “bunnies.” Pretty sure you can also amend the rule. Pretty sure I’ve done that with one big rule looking for the names of a dozen or more companies I follow.