RSS feed automation with something like Apple Mail Rules?

I’m looking for an app that sits on my always on Mac mini and is connected to my Feedly account. I’d like it to run rules on the incoming items in my feeds. For example - If the title of the article from a certain site contains a certain word, then delete that article.

I know there are some RSS feed services that provide such functionality but I don’t want another subscription. Does an app like this exist?

If looking for totally free and willing to tinker, I’d try NetNewsWire reader since it integrates with Feedly and AppleScript support.

If a one-time purchase is okay and you don’t want to mess with AppleScript, DevonThink would be great at this and you could use smart rule processing.


I already have DEVONthink on all my devices. But if I choose to use it for rules wouldn’t I then be limited to only using DEVONthink for reading the articles? I would ideally like to continue using dedicated RSS clients and still be able to make use of the rules.

NetNewsWire may work for me if I could make sense of the AppleScript support. Thanks for the suggestion.

Right, you’d basically import the Feedly OPML and DEVONthink would become your RSS reader instead of Feedly. You can open RSS items in external apps, but only ones that know how to read HTML files (browsers, basically, for the purpose of reading.) So NNW would definitely be a better fit if you can make the automation work.

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Feedly has mute filters, but that’s probably only in the paid tiers.

If you don’t want to pay and rather implement something yourself, you could write some Node.js scripts that subscribe to a feed, modify it, and publish the modified feed. Instead of the original feed (from the sites you follow) you can then subscribe to your modified feed in Feedly.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That would be a bit beyond my ability right now though.

For a while there was a service called FeedRinse that let you filter RSS feeds. It might still be out there.

Edit: Yup, its there, promising a version 20, but I feel like that’s been there for a while. If you continue to old site, you’ll see the service I’ve used once or twice.

I’m pretty sure Integromat lets you do this — filter an RSS feed and then produce another RSS feed from it — but you might need a paid account. I assume IFTTT, Zapier and so on do as well.

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:laughing: This is exactly what I’ve been toying around with in my head to do. Seems like overkill though.

DEVONthink makes for an awesome, very customizable RSS feed manager and reader. Indeed, you can use smart rules and smart groups to slice, dice, convert, tag, and all kinds of other actions to incoming RSS items.

Unfortunately, though, DEVONthink To Go dramatically drops the ball on this front. You can’t manage feeds, smart rules, or smart groups on mobile. That means that you have to leave DEVONthink running on a Mac somewhere and constantly sync to that Mac if you’re trying to read on e.g., a phone or iPad.

Which is way too bad, because it would easily be the best option out there, except it doesn’t work where I most want it to.

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FeedRinse looks interesting, but also really old. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve DEVONthink already running 24/7 on my Mac, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m more concerned if DTTG will provide a good enough reading experience compared to a good RSS client.

I think it excels in terms of what you can do while reading, but it falls behind in terms of managing readings.

On mobile, at least. On desktop I think you can make it do whatever you want!

feedsub and feed do most of the work… :wink:

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