RSS feeds filtering

I’m on the free version of Feedly for years now to aggregate my feeds and it’s working really well on iOS (I only have RSS feeds on iOS). I use Reeder 4 to read the feeds.

However, I’m now in a situation where I need to filter some feeds (ie to only get some keywords).

  1. Feedly is quite expensive ($8/month). I don’t mind paying, but think this price is quite high. What are the other options? Feedbin? Inoread?

  2. I have a Synology for backups. Can I have my feeds filtered in the Synology and use Reeder4 with it?


Feedbin is $2/month or $20/year and has filtering options. I’ve only used it to exclude keywords but I think you could use Saved Searches to do it too.

There’s a 14-day free trial to see if it works for you.

I’ve been using it since 2013 and have been very pleased with it.


Thanks @tjluoma. For $2/month I’d jump straight into it. I’ve checked it and it’s actually $5/month. But seems everyone’s happy with their services…

You know, I thought $2/month sounded low when I said it, and I should have checked. I think I’m "grandfathered” in at a lower price because I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning.

It appears they no longer have an annual price, which is a bit of a shame.

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I use NewsBlur ($36/yr) which has filtering (described here) but not ad-hoc searches. Service is free for the first 64 feeds, to try it out. (Or use it for free if you don’t follow more feeds.) The dev also made a nice free iOS app for users of the service. Web view for one of my folders: