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Hi! I just signed up for Readwise and actually really am enjoying their beta Reader app. I’m trying to drop browsing reddit (ew) and replace it with RSS feed reading like the good ol’ days.

Any suggestions on good/interesting/meaningfull RSS feeds to follow? Bonus if it’s not like… ten million posts/day.

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I follow NPR for news, and books and music, TidBITs for Apple information, and some Medieval, stationary, birding, blogs.

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Ars Technica, Hacker News, Eclectic Light Company (the Mac feed), Malwarebytes.


Jason Kottke (essential)

William Gallagher (who was a guest on MPU for his 58 Keys YouTube channel)

Adam Tinworth (Journalist)

Michael Tsai (Developer of Eagle Filer - if you like a dev view of the news and technology)

Never used RSS feeds in the past but this topic caught me at a moment when I am looking at how to track the political shenanagins of UK politicians. Particularly interested in feeds from (or featuring) the broadsheets/newspapers of record rather than the nonsense put out by tabloids.

I would like to be able to save the results from such RSS feeds in a database as a quasi-SDI system perhaps getting RSS data using curl and/or wget to load them into that database.

NetNewsWire kind of does that for you, including allowing you to save aricles locally.

I read The Guardian

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I’ll toss Daring Fireball into the ring.


I enjoy threads like these, here are my recommendations:

I particularly enjoy Wes Siler’s articles in Outside Magazine.


Personally I use NetNewsWire but if you really want to save content for future reference or research you can set up DEVONThink to pull in RSS feeds.

I follow MacSparky among others :grinning:

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