RSS Reader Inoreader - subscription costs doubled $90/yr — Alternatives?

Hate to make another post complaining about costs — trust me I pay for PLENTY of subscriptions… I was taken back getting an email from the company about my Pro subscription going from $49 a year to $89

For me this is now a question of value to usage, I may try the free tier when my current subscription expires but wanted to see if there where any other Inoreader users impacted and what are the decent RSS readers… I don’t mind paying but I think $50 a year would be my max

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I have hopes that the next generation of content aggregation is coming. I trust Icon Factory to deliver a well made application.

Tapestry Unwoven • The Breakroom ( <— Developer focused.

Kickstarter short video - Project Tapestry by The Iconfactory — Kickstarter

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Longtime Inoreader user here. I, too, was put off by the subscription increase. Also, I don’t like the way Inoreader manages email newsletters.

I tried Feedbin for a bit and it didn’t quite click with me. I’m now using Newsblur, and I think I’ll stick with it.

Newsblur doesn’t have a monthly plan available. The charge is $36/yr. I decided to take the gamble and go for it, and so far it’s been working out.

On the other hand, I do miss Inoreader. I’ve heard folks say that UI for Inoreader is ugly, and maybe it is, but it’s readable and very usable; I can fly through feeds quickly using just the keyboard.

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NetNewsWire is free for macOS & iOS/iPadOS


Options you have:

  • Reeder (costs total $15 for both macOS and iOS. This also links to FreshRSS if you want)
  • NetNewsWire (Free on macOS and iOS. This also links to FreshRSS if you want)
  • FreshRSS (self-host on a cloud, it’s super easy don’t. I do this, costs me nothing since most cloud provider provides credits. Google Cloud gave me $300)
  • Matter app (has RSS Integration)

Also, use in case you want to generate RSS feeds without providing your email!!

Please don’t pay for a subscription for RSS lol. :blush:


NetNewsWire will even sync across your Apple devices with iCloud. So free and synced.


That is correct. I use different iCloud on work and personal machines so I use FreshRSS for syncing across all devices. if someone has a simpler use case, Reeder and NetNewsWire work perfectly fine. I found Reeder to support more RSS feed types than NetNewsWire though (JSON)

+1 for NetNewsWire.

Here’s a screenshot of all RSS sync services you can use in NNW.


Newsblur’s going to be the best alternative if you were using Inoreader’s filtering.

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As I always recommend, Fiery Feeds. You can sync your feeds through iCloud and has all the important features. URL schemes for shares are the best of any app. This is the true sucessor to Mr.Reader. iOS and Mac

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I am in the exact same boat.

I paid for 5 years of Inoreader service ahead of time so I was grandfathered for the lower price. Now my $2.50 sub is going to $7.50 paid yearly which is a serious turnoff.

That said Inoreader is the best RSS reader service out there, bar none. When you’re not paying for RSS you’re losing some really useful features like RSS newsletters (I HATE email!), Rules, Push notifications based on Rules, etc.

That said, once my sub expires I will try Reeder w/ iCloud sync and see how I feel.

$5 feels like the top end I would pay for Inoreader. I also don’t like the developers behind Inoreader. They are extremely user hostile and see you as the enemy even though we’ve been the ones supporting them from the start.

Nice. Any features that you get in Inoreader that are not in NetNewsWire (Free, open source)?

There’s also Omnivore as a great read-it-later app. It’s also free (and open source), available on all platforms, has browser extensions, supports RSS feeds and you also get unique addresses to use for newsletter subscriptions or for forwarding emails to.

There are tags to organise everything and there’s a great plugin that syncs extracts and annotations with Obsidian.

I still pay for inoreader despite the price rise. The killer feature that no one else has (to my knowledge) is they can generate feeds for sites without RSS.

I was an Inoreader user years ago, the product was very good. But these days of CloudKit syncing, I don’t see necessary to pay for a third party for the job of fetching and parsing RSS feeds when I have enough bandwidth and CPU cycles to spare doing it. News Explorer is my weapon of choice here, slightly better UI than NetNewsWire in my opinion (and I bought its one time payment before NetNewsWire had iCloud syncing)

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BazQux Reader is only $30 per year and is an excellent option. Syncs fast with Reeder and NetNewsWire. I’ve tried iCloud on both Reeder and NetNewsWire so many times and it’s just not fast enough as the hosted services like BazQux and Inoreader.

Feedly also offers this via their “RSS Builder”:

But only in the “expensive” plans…

Interesting, it looks pretty much identical.

If I’m reading things right, it would cost $144/year, so Inoreader looks like the better option for me.

The biggest problem I had with Omnivore is how it handles some RSS feeds. In particular, Daring Fireball. Instead of showing his commentary on a link, it fetches whatever Gruber links to and displays that. Without John’s (sometimes lengthy) commentary, I have no idea what I’m looking at or why.

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Tapestry++ - I backed about an hour after it was announced. Come join me.

Maybe some clever soul here will write a Tapestry plugin that pulls from any Discourse Instance (MPU, Automators etc) and adds it to your flow.

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