Run CP/M on the Mac

Go back to the 80s.


I only used CP/M briefly on a PC that ran a quality control program. But I later purchased a laptop which ran DR DOS which I understood was CP/M adapted to be compatible with MS-DOS. It was the first of several operating systems that I used before I retired.

Zork, on the other hand, is the first computer game I every played. And the last. That probably saved me a lot of money over the years :grinning:


We always remember our first… for me it was Wizard and the Princess on an Apple II that my teacher’s husband brought in to show the class. I skipped lunch to play that game…


Maybe I still have WordStar for CP/M somewhere…

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DR = Digital Research IIRC.

I had a Z80 machine and programmed it in assembler, including some against the BDOS (not BIOS, thankfully). However my assembler interests are mainframe and, I would hazard, ARM / M1 these days.

I had CP/M computers back in the day but I don’t have any software for them anymore. While I do have some fond memories not only of at least one of the computers (a Lobo Max-80) but also of several software packages, I don’t think I would want to go back!

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So many years passed, nostalgia hides a lot of the shortcomings of “those days”.

  • magnetic disks: no, never again.
  • hardware: today everything essentially works, remember the escape codes for printers? Adding a second drive (master/slave, which connector, SCSI terminators and IDs)?
  • software…let’s not even get there
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Cue Queen with “Days Of Our Lives”. :slight_smile:

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