Running 2013 iMac headless

Here’s my second question of the day:

I’m using a 2013 iMac as a server and I mostly remote into it locally or via Jump Desktop. For all these instances having the screen on seems a bit of a waste. Is there a way to keep the screen off when I wake and use the computer remotely? I sometime do use it directly, so I would need to keep the option to switch between screen on and screen off.

Since the screen is an integral part of the iMac I’m not sure if there’s a way to turn the screen off, but still have the computer running.

The only thing that comes to mind is using some tool like MonitorControl to set the brightness to zero.

If your concern is privacy, Edovia’s Screens has a curtain mode so that your activity isn’t visible on the mac.

If your concern is power consumption, if it were possible to turn the panel off, the difference would be minimal. Perhaps on the order of 30 watts. In my area of the US, that would amount to $2.40/mo for continuous use. If that’s a concern, perhaps a Mac Mini with a headless plug.

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Privacy is not much of a concern. I’ve tried Edovia’s Screens, but it worked less reliably than Jump Desktop. I’m not sure about the consumption (it’s a 27" screen), I would need to get one of those measuring plugs, but it just feels like a waste even just in terms of screen wear.