Running analysis

I keep hearing good things about the running part of the Apple Watch fitness app.

I currently use Strava, but the constant meddling with the subscription model and my wanting to move away from public exercise has led me to think about Apple Fitness again.

But is there a way to analyse my performance? Does anyone else solely use Apple Fitness for running and then go further?

I think there are plenty of people who happily run with their Apple Watch. And I think the Ultra is a great running watch. But for me I still think my Garmin is the best. Also the Garmin connect software is excellent for analysing your runs.


I use Tempo to track my runs. It has a $15 subscription though. It pulls all the data from the Apple Watch and displays it in a much better way for runners. Easy to analyze runs, use tags to track mileage on shoes, keeps track of PRs for multiple distances and more. Highly recommend.


I’m a running data nerd and I think the Apple Watch fitness app is wonderful. I pair that up with Athlytic, which gives a useful intensity score and gets extra metrics, like VO2max. I also have but haven’t used much Work Outdoors. Both good companions to the fitness app.

Before Apple Watch, I used Polar Pro Trainer.


Healthfit can fill in some of the gaps of Strava. I’ve used it and it works well - though my main aim was syncing Apple Watch workouts to Strava!

You can import the data in to a different service if you wanted spot (like Garmin}.

Or then there’s RubiTrack.

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I recently had the same frustration with Apple Health and sleep tracking – lots of data! Some decent analysis in the Health app! Really hard to get at the data and do more analysis on my own (unless I’m missing something?)…

In the end, I used an app called Health Auto Export - JSON+CSV to send the sleep data to my Mac, where I could use a spreadsheet, SQL, Python, etc. to my heart’s content.

It claims to be able to export workout data as well, though I haven’t tried that yet.

It is a subscription app ($6/year or $25 lifetime) and says it collects no data. Could be worth a try.

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+1 for Tempo, I’ve been using it since 2019. It’s a great companion app to dive deeper into your running data.

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