Running out of space - check iMazing

2019 MacBook Air. 500Gb SSD. Running out of space and couldn’t understand why. I have quite a lot of music and photos but not that much. Tried Clean my Mac - no difference. Realised that my Mojave OS was taking up over 350Gb of space,. Downloaded Daisy Disk to realise that 270Gb was in iMazing backups and old versions of iMazing. Problem now solved… If you run iMazing (as many of us do) and you are running out of space check to see how much the programme is using. Thanks…

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Did you use Automatic Cleaning of Backups?

Even with Automatic Cleaning set in iMazing, it usually ignores the setting and accumulates more generations of backup than I want. I usually have to delete iMazing backups manually. It’s an OK app, but not entirely reliable.

Daisy Disk has helped me fix a lot of issues like this over the years. It’s well worth the $10 I spent at some point.


How did you determine which ones to delete manually from the Library/application/support imazing/backups folder?

Even though Daisy Disk has a nicer presentation, the free OmniDiskSweeper also gives a good overview of where you’re disk space is used.