Running out of space on my iPhone though I have ⅓ of it as “Other”, help?

Hi, I have a gigabyte or two left on my iPhone. It’s a 64gb iPhone 8. It seems 20gb is labeled “Other” which seems high. Any thoughts or assistance? Pics included



A culprit I ran across was/is on my trusty oldish ipod. Podcasts is quite the hog I discovered much to my surprise. I can’t even clear it as I’d have to do a clean install and I would no longer have access to some of the older apps I’d just as soon keep.

Another one I think might be taking up more room than you’d think is Books. I’m not absolutely sure but my impression is that is REALLY adds up.

Those may be two surprising drains on your memory. You might want to call AppleCare.

Good luck!

That’s nuts! It now has 15gb and counting freed up. I don’t understand it but it worked. Was it because I hadn’t updated the software? Thank you so much @bowline!

@Katie I’ll check those out, I have Books in my iPad not iPhone and tend to have my podcasts streamed not downloaded.

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That’s terrific, Jonathan!

This, from @bowline’s second linked article, precisely describes one of my biggest gripes with Apple’s OS’s:

"There is no simple way to identify and remove data in the Other storage category.”

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