Running outta the 200gb of iCloud storage, do I upgrade or delete?

Hey all, I’m backing up to my allotted iCloud storage allocation. I have about 160gb in photos within iCloud. Don’t take many videos but I take a lot of photos especially for my side hustle, selling on eBay. Debating going through my photos and deleting photos of items I’ve listed or sold already but not sure if that would really solve the issue at hand. Wish there was a 1TB tier for $5.99 instead of jumping up to the 2TB for $9.99. Thoughts on what I should do?

I’d try to delete them to see how much space you save. You could probably push the upgrade date back months, if not a couple years, without spending a ton of time, which is a decent return on your time. You might be able to search for items in the photos to save time, if they’re the sort of thing that gets recognized and classified.

Is there any benefit in having your eBay photos in the cloud?

I also had a bunch of pictures from eBay and other sales. I now take some time to go through my collection and purge the irrelevant stuff and the really bad pix I should have deleted sooner.

If you expect your collection to grow a lot more, spring for the 2TB plan. I need it because of syncing my documents to iCloud.

If you go with the Apple One Family plan, you have the option to pay for 200GB separately to the 200GB that comes with it (for a total of 400GB), which is a better option than going up to 2TB if the Apple One plan makes sense for you.

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I’d split my Photo Library and keep my side hustle images in a separate file. Make sure you continue to back them up locally, then review them when you have time. It might be easier when you aren’t facing a deadline.

I’ve used programs from fat cat software to manage my photos for years.

HI all, so good news, I was able to delete about 4,000 photos that were eBay photos. That allowed for 40GB’s of space now instead of 0.5gb. I think every month or so I’ll delete the eBay photos. I like them in the cloud as I take the photos with my phone and then either upload using my phone or upload from my computer.