Running Shortcuts using Time of Day

I might have the same problem.

Yesterday I created a bunch of shortcuts to update a Charty graph that displays the production data of my solar panels every 2 hours. While I did get 2 notifications of a shortcut being executed, the graph was still empty. When I ran the shortcut manually the graph did show production data from sunrise until now.

I have not, I manually added an automation for those to occur every half hour. They are the same shortcut so used copy and paste to make it a lot easier

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So an interesting update today. @rob suggested that running a shortcut could get things going again, but I am often asleep before midnight so I couldn’t do it manually. Instead, I generated a shortcut to trigger when I received a specific email which I automated to send out right after midnight.

I scheduled an email to be delivered at 12:08 AM - unfortunately, Shortcuts didn’t pick up the email until 12:50 AM, but it did kick my 30 minute timed shortcuts back in to gear. What is interesting is it skipped over my 12:15 and 12:45 shortcuts since they occurred before the email came in.

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Timed shortcuts seem to be incredibly hit and miss. They sometimes run for me, but mostly they don’t

Update: the latest beta of iOS 14.2 seems to mostly solve the problem for me. The caveat is I can’t get any automations to run between 12AM and 1AM local EDT time.

My theory: This bug was preventing automations after 12AM somehow by getting the system ‘stuck.’ I think they’ve fixed this from breaking the whole system, but it is odd that there’s a one hour gap where time of day automations simply won’t run.