Ryder Carroll's The Bullet Journal Method Book on sale

I know a lot of the member’s her are interested in productivity, and some of those are interested in bullet journaling. Ryder Carroll’s book is on sale, temporarily, in ebook form for $2.99 U.S plus tax. Not sure if the sale is on outside the U.S, but Amazone, Kobo and Apple are akll showing the sale price.

See Focused Episode 107 with guest Ryder Carroll.

Ryder Carroll The Bullet Journal Method

I’m not specifically recommending the book. It was overkill for me, even though I do find bullet journaling useful, but I know others really found it helpful.


This book is one of those that you should do a quick read just to understand the actual method that so many reference. (Kind of like people who try to do GTD without reading the book).

It’s a bit fluffy but good to get some stuff for your tool belt.

At that price, I decided to get a copy, so thanks for the post!

For others who might be interested, I found it non-obvious to locate the discounted item. Searching amazon.com for the book took me to the main listing at USD 13 for the Kindle and USD 15 for the hardcover edition. I was now suspecting that I had missed the window for this promo.

However, clicking the Author name link out of curiosity of what else he might have written suddenly brought up a list of all his books, and there it was!

still showing as $2.99 at Amazon US

see whether you can click the link above and get the lower price

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If you click the link in my OP, then click the book cover image, you will be taken to a page linking to the Kindle U.S., Apple US and Kobo links with the special US price.

The discount is because the publisher/author has paid BookBub, where the link in my OP goes, for advertising / promotion related to the special price.

Typically discounts like this are not International. Kobo is probagly the best bet for non-U.S. buyers; they sell ePub books only though.

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Thanks guys,

Just to confirm, I was able to find and purchase the discounted version. It just took a bit of searching.

My Amazon.com account includes my Swedish home address so I never ship anything from there. Kindle books however have never been a problem to get at US pricing.

I just picked it up on Apple Books (in Spain) for €1.99. Looking forward to reading it.