Sadly dead apple keyboard

My desk is confusing. My full size apple keyboard is broken from z to b. Now I have an old apple bluetooth keyboard for most typing, and the broken keyboard, for all the keys to the right of the return key.

I’m looking for keyboards to use with my Mac - getting one with a Command key on it is a hassle/expensive. Gaming/mechanical keyboards seem crazy expensive.

I don’t really want to go down the clicky keyboard rabbit hole. What do people like/ enjoy for keyboards. I might just find a small pile of used ones of the apple wired full she keyboard so I can treat them as disposable.

You don’t need one with a Command key. One with a Windows key will work fine (the Windows key becomes the command key). In fact the keyboard I use (a 30 year old Northgate OmniKey/102) doesn’t have either a Command Key or Windows Key – I just map the Caps Lock to be Command.

It is a mechanical keyboard, but not a gaming keyboard. I call it a serious keyboard.
I think I’ve got one of every keyboard Apple has made in the past 15 years. The only one that was really good was this one:


I just got one of these (Kickstarter) and it hits virtually all the right notes / keys. Choose from three key mechanisms (non-clicky, tactile quiet, tactile clicky):

The Pre-Order should start happening real soon now (weeks?).

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Keyboard preferences are pretty individual, but if you’re happy with the Apple keyboard just get another one - small (wireless $89) or extended (wireless $112) at Amazon or other usual suspects.


I have the Logitech K380 and really like it (and it has a command key). The Sweet Setup did a recent rundown on keyboards (including me!):

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OWC has new and used Apple and other keyboards for sale, including @tomalmy favorite (in grade C condition).