Safari 15.0 randomly resetting tabs, help!

I’m running Big Sur 11.6, with Safari version 15.0 (16612., 16612). I spend much of my day filling in web forms for my day job. Safari is, with increasing frequency, randomly opening or re-opening tabs. This happens on any inactive browser window that is open, as well as open browser windows that I am actively working in. This is annoying at best and totally infuriating at worst, as at times I have put in 15-20 minutes of work into a web form and it randomly flips to my home screen and all of the data I have put in is lost. The “back” button remains inactive, it doesn’t even open a new tab, it just replaces whatever I am in the middle of. Makes me want to throw my computer. Is this a known bug? Is there a fix for this? Will it stop happening if I install the latest beta of Monterey? Should I just wait 3 days till it is officially released?

Update: I just found that the tab reset is not a reset at all-- Safari is opening a new tab and stealing focus, however the tab I was previously working in then does not show up in the tab bar. I can access it with “command-]” but the tab itself is invisible. Also does nothing if I click where the next tab should be, the actual UI element is just not showing up.

I’m among the least qualified to provide helpful input but one thought did occur to me. Is it possible that you have an extension creating the problem?

only Safari extension I’m running is for 1Password, so I doubt it… 1PW seems to be working as expected.

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Frustrating. Is there any possibility it’s receiving unwanted keyboard input? Another external, automation software like Keyboard Maestro, etc.

Not that I know of; I do use text expander but this happens sometimes when I don’t even have my hands on the keyboard. I don’t have Keyboard Maestro. Better Touch Tool for some light automation but as far as I can recall I only have a few mouse triggers enabled for Safari, and none of them have anything to do with opening or switching tabs.

Same! Having lots of issues with Safari just stealing tabs or reloading them with stale urls

This is still happening. It’s not Better Touch Tool, I disabled it for a few days and still happening. Still super random too, sometimes will not happen for 2 days, other times it interrupts my work 3-4x in an hour :triumph: