Safari 15: New tab jumping directly into the Search Bar?

Looks like Safari 15 broke the mode that whenever you opened a new tab, the cursor went straight into the search/URL/awesome bar on the top. It’s part of my muscle memory to CMD-N and then start typing. Now I need to CMD-N, then tab to get there. Is there a way to enable this feature again? I could not find it in the preferences.

For now, I switched to Firefox where this works just fine.


If you’re using it on a Mac I believe this was just a bug. This happened to me as well. Try to quit and/or restart. It should fix the issue.

Ditto. Over here (a few days and a few boots after installing S15), ⌘N creates a tab and puts the cursor in the address field.

Thanks, guys, I’ll try it!

Three reboots later, still no luck!