Safari 15 Open Tab Dropdown

Is there any way to limit that annoying dropdown window that shows up and stays on the open tab in Safari 15 on Monterey? I can understand the usefulness of it when you hover over a non-active tab, but when it is persistent in the active window, it blocks the favorites bar even though you can open the items that are directly below it. And, it doesn’t seem to be too useful when it happens on the open tab, anyway. I can’t see anything in preferences, but maybe there’s another way?



I’d file a bug report. DB 3 dropped today with a lot of changes to Safari UI, & it doesn’t seem to be in nearly a final form.

I’ll wait until PB 2. If DB 3 just dropped, PB 2 should be close behind. As I said, it is intermittent and I can’t seem to trigger it intentionally…it just happens when it wants to.