Safari 17.2 slowdown

I have noticed a significant slowdown on Safari 17 over the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure what version it started with — I’m currently running 17.2 (Sonoma) on my M2 MacBook Air.

The pages will load about 1/3 and pause, then if I refresh the rest of the page will load.

Anyone else with this problem?

No, no slowdown at all for me. Are you sure your internet connection itself hasn’t slowed down?

It happens at home, at the office, at the coffee shop…
But I will check.

Hmm … are you using the same computer in all those places? Or different computer at office versus home?

I’m using the same computer.

Well that helps then. Clearly (it seems) something in your computer setup. Do you have a product like WARP set up for privacy? Possible one of those “extras” could be slowing down Safari. Unfortunately I’m not getting any slowdown and I don’t have any great ideas what specific app/service might be contributing to the slowdown.

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Is this happening on most/all websites or just a few? Have you cleared your cache?

Don’t suppose you’re running Grammarly.

Yesterday I had to kill the app because it was using 60% of my CPU and 6GB of memory.

Today, I had to kill a safari tab which was and it was using 2.5GB and a load of CPU.

I couldn’t see the app or the safari tab until I looked in activity monitor.