Safari and Google Meet

I would really like to drop Chrome browser all together and use Safari exclusively. However I cannot seem to figure out how to get Safari to recognize my Ecamm Pro virtual camera. Is there a way to completely relieve myself from Chrome and use Safari for this?

I use Google Meet with the Brave Browser (with a USB webcam, not a virtual one) and it works without a problem. As Brave is built upon Chromium your virtual camera should hopefully still work. Not a total solution to your question, but it is the best one I have found to date.

This support page might help you.

Thanks for this @darranwest. I am using Vivaldi which is based on Chromium and all is going well. Still wish I could just use Safari and have the webcam/virtual cam.

Thanks @anon54919170. It just seems that the answer is that there’s no full answer for using my virtual camera and safari with Google Meet.

Hey @kevinrichardson, I think I might’ve stumbled upon a solution for you by complete accident.

Google Meet seems to play nicely with Safari Technology Preview 119. You should try using it until Google Meet plays nicely with the stable version of Safari (hopefully soon). :grinning:

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Thank you @anon54919170. That does make a difference and is worth checking out.

You’re very welcome!